To define the standards and specifications to pave the way for deployment of aftermarket systems for eCall.


  • identify minimum performance and conformance requirements for aftermarket 112-eCall systems and devices. This will avoid overload of PSAPs with false call
  • deal with the necessary variants of aftermarket eCall systems that will use the single emergency number of 112
  • work with the European Standardisation bodies to develop the necessary technical standards for aftermarket eCall systems

From I_HeERO to sAFE

  • sAFE is based on the I_HeERO Achievements:
    • IP standard for IVS and PSAP: NG eCall
    • eCall for powered 2-wheeled vehicles
    • eCall for HGV
  • sAFE will introduce After-Market eCall specifications then standards for a variety of vehicles categories:
    • Categories M1, M2, M3, N1, N2, N3, L Category (...)
  • sAFE will define input for validation standards
  • sAFE will validate achievements in different PSAP in different member states